Zakeke Unveils 3D Digital Asset Manager

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:48pm UTC

Zakeke Unveils 3D Digital Asset Manager

PR Newswire

The newest addition to Zakeke's tech stack acts as a central hub for brands to easily create, store and manage 3D models in one place; empowering brands to cut costs, increase efficiency and operate more sustainably.

NEW YORK, July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Zakeke, the world leading SaaS company in the Visual Commerce landscape, offering brands advanced tools like live product personalization, hyper-realistic 3D visualization, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Try-On, officially launches the 3D Digital Asset Manager (DAM), a new central hub simplifying the creation, storage, management, and sharing of 3D models to help brands embrace the current 3D revolution.

Zakeke serves over 10,000 global customers across more than 400 sectors in over 200 countries. Its clients range from major fashion labels like Valentino, Colmar, and Testoni to tech brands like HP. The launch will help brands seamlessly transition to 3D by providing access to a single hub for all 3D digital asset needs. This helps brands cut costs and operate more efficiently.

The new 3D Digital Asset Manager serves as a comprehensive central hub for all 3D needs: it simplifies the creation of 3D models from 2D images, centralizes 3D content management, supports bulk edits and collaboration, offers unlimited storage, and facilitates seamless sharing through native integration with other platforms.

Zakeke's DAM not only enables merchants to deliver an engaging 3D shopping experience but also streamlines operations, reduces costs associated with samples and photoshoots, and minimizes overproduction of unnecessary samples by utilizing virtual, 3D display of hundreds of product variants, making brands' practices more sustainable.

"Our 3D Digital Asset Manager empowers businesses to overcome major challenges in 3D content creation and management," says Angelo Coletta, CEO & Co-Founder of Zakeke. "Brands today must embrace 3D, but the transition can be tough. Our DAM helps merchants to easily create, store, manage, and use high-quality 3D models at scale. This not only enhances customer engagement with immersive shopping experiences but also streamlines operations, reduces costs, and prevents overproduction."

For a demo of the new 3D Digital Asset Manager and additional product details visit Zakeke's website.

About Zakeke

Founded in 2017, Zakeke is a cloud-based Visual AI-Commerce Platform born to empower e-commerce and retailers with live product customization, advanced 3D visualization, immersive Augmented Reality and Virtual Try-On. Zakeke's comprehensive suite seamlessly integrates with any e-commerce platform or brand's back-end, enhancing the shopping experience and boosting conversions, while streamlining operations. Zakeke serves over 10,000 global customers across more than 400 sectors in over 200 countries. Customers include Bauli, Clipper, Testoni, Valentino, Ecocoup, Boggi and more. They also have partnerships with Etsy, Printful, and Zapier.

Zakeke has also recently joined NVIDIA Inception, an exclusive program designed to foster a select elite of startups worldwide at the forefront of industry innovation

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